St.Petersburg's first porcelain factory, founded in 1744 by decree of the Russian Queen Yelizaveta, daughter of Peter 1,  omonosov Porcelain was 'to serve the cause of national industry and art.' The factory's ties to the Russian Royal Family implied very high requirements for porcelain, positioning it as an important art form. The very word  porcelain':Further>>
Gzhel is the name of a major ceramics center situated some fifty kilometers southeast of Moscow. The village of Gzhel s  mentioned for the first time in the fourteenth century in the testament of Ivan Kalita the Moneybag, the Grand Prince of Muscovy. Otherwise historical chronicles note that the dominant pursuit of the local population was the making of  ottery:Further>>
MSTERA, lacquer papier-mache miniatures.
Mstera is a unique place in the eastern Vladimir Region. Since the 17th century, it has been the Mecca of Russia's icon  ainting and other arts and crafts. Today, Mstera is famous for its lacquer papier-mache miniatures. The style of Mstera also derives from the traditions of: Further>>
KHOLUI, lacquer papier-mache miniatures.
Kholui is among the most ancient villages in the Vladimir-Suzdal area. Legend has it that arts and crafts were practiced in these parts from as early as the time of the Tatar-Mongol invasion. In the 1230-40s the highly developed urban culture of Northeastern Russia was almost wiped out by the Tatar-Mongol hordes. The local people fled to remote marshlands that were inaccessible to the Tatar cavalry. Kholui may well have been such a place, its name meaning: Further>>
PALEKH, lacquer papier-mache miniatures.
Palekh icon-painters were famous for their great skills and craftsmanship since the 18th century. Uncommon icons and sacred images of exquisite colour scheme, in a very special manner with egg yolk tempera, were often decorated
with painting in gold: Further>>
FEDOSKINO, lacquer papier-mache miniatures.
By the 18th century lacquer snuffboxes decorated with miniatures and made in England, France and Germany had become fashionable. One of the greatest European centers for such items was Johann Stobwasser's manufactory in
Braunschweig. In 1795 the Russian merchant Pyotr Korobov visited the Braunschweig works and his enterprising mind quickly grasped that cheap and simple articles could be mass-produced using this very durable combination
of materials. Within a year he had opened his own factory on the outskirts of Fedoskino. At first it employed just over twenty people. It made most of its money from manufacturing the varnished peaks of military caps and
helmets. However, the factory also became famous for its simple, most often round: Further>>
Here you will find many souvenirs and gifts.
Amber is a petrified tar of trees which grew over twenty-thirty million years ago and now are buried on the bottom of the sea. The findings of the archaeological excavations show that amber was used to make jewelry already 4 thousand years ago. Baltic amber was decorating the crown of Egyptian pharaoh Tutanhamon. Gomer in his Odyssy also mentioned: Further>>
Zhostovo settlement, which is located in Mytishchi District Of Moscow Region, is the center of a prominent Russian folk craft. Founded in 1825, it was based on manufacture of lacquer articles Made of papier-mache, and
lacquer trays with subject or floral painting, Made of metal: Further>>

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